"God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom the world is crucified to me, and I to the world." (Gal. 6: 14)

Monday, March 13, 2006

From Atheistic Communism to Atheistic Democracy to Polytheistic Demonocracy

Atheistic Communism has changed its color like a chameleon. With the “death” of communism we now have “democracy”. The names and dates may have been changed but the essence is the same. Perhaps we have focused too much importance on the word “communism” when the all-important word here is “atheism”.

Men have worked very hard to remove God from their very lives. And our “democracy” forces us to put our trust in man (the collective noun). After all, the idea behind democracy is that if we all vote on any subject the majority will be right and that is the “will of the people”, and therefore should be followed.

Anyone with the least bit of understanding and knowledge of history can see that this is not true. The majority is almost always wrong. (I use the word “almost” just to avoid the possible exception – though I can not say that I know of any time that the “majority” was right.)

The majority are led like a bunch of ignorant lemmings. Little do they care about right or wrong, or where they are going, just as long as they are with the group. It is not God that these lemmings want to follow; it is just the other lemmings around them that are important to each individual. Thus the majority end up following the “collective will”; or the communist idea; or as we now have it, the democratic will.

If we go back to the time of Christ and look at history, could Christ have been crucified if the populace had not cried out for His blood? The Scribes and Pharisees did not present Christ to Pontius Pilot themselves but brought a multitude of people and incited the multitude to cry out for His blood. Pontius Pilot asks “what is truth?” but he is pressured into accepting the “will of the people” as the “truth” – even though he clearly sees that this is not the truth.

What about the majority in Sodom and Gomorra? or the majority in the time of Noe? It has been said that it is easier to find one good man to run things rather than to find ten good men. And, if you do not want anything to be accomplished, all you have to do is appoint a “committee”. To the clear sighted historian, history proves that the “majority” is wrong. The majority are more often than not motivated by their own selfish desires than by any objective truth.

We may have done away with the imposed physical communes of “communism” but we now have the moral and intellectual communes of “democracy” replacing them. And these moral and intellectual communes are by far more harmful than the physical communes of “communism”. This mob mentality sees itself as the ultimate standard of morality (right and wrong). And therefore the standard changes from day to day and place to place (relativism). The objective unchanging and eternal truth with its basis in God is unknown to the mob.

God Himself has now been made relative to the whims of the mob. Each little group “commune” has created a god to fit in with their own selfish interests. To one group God is infinitely blind and loving and therefore He would never send anyone to Hell – and therefore there is no Hell. To another group God is just and everyone who goes against the standards of their group will be sent by God to Hell. To anther group this life here is Hell and all that awaits us after death is Heaven so everyone gets to go to Heaven when they leave this world. Another group holds that this life here and now is Heaven and there is nothing that awaits us after death. And the mob no matter how ridiculous it sounds will claim that “we all believe in the same God”.

We see that man no longer strives to conform himself to the will of God – now man seeks to conform God to the will of man. We have become worse than idolaters worshiping a graven image – we have become like Satan worshiping ourselves and even seeking to have God himself bow down before us. Recall the temptation that the devil offered to Our Lord – “I will give you all this (the glories of the world) if you will bow down and worship me.” Perhaps we are even worse than the devils because we offer God nothing in exchange for Him to bow to our desires. We simple re-define God as our whims dictate and boldly declare that this is God.

Now that God has been subjectivized by the different collective-democratic mobs, and forced by the whims of relativity, we are left as lemmings with nothing solid under our feet as we run headlong off the cliff with the collective commune mob.

Wherever the selfish passions of the mob are led, now becomes a religion or a god for the mob and that religion or god can change to fit the seasons or the whims of the mob from day to day. From atheism we have taken the steps to polytheism. Now there is no longer just one god to serve; the mob has a host of different gods to serve each in their due season – just as the pagans of old had.

Our youth has a god of lust and selfish passions to follow. Then they move on to a god of sports each sports god taking his turn from season to season – baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, etc. Each of these gods must be dutifully served on every Saturday and/or Sunday. Even those who do not participate (the majority) must “support their team” and dedicate their time and energies to the god of the season.

There is the god of medicine that everyone must dutifully bow down before and receive their ritual injections or pills of different poisons to “stay healthy”.

There is the god of science that all must serve. And we dutifully parrot the phrase that it is “scientifically proven”. As if this god of science were infallible, unchanging, and true, but what this god of science says today is changed tomorrow to the opposite. (One day the god of science proves that eating eggs is bad for you, but the next day this god says that eating eggs is good for you.) The people never seem to catch on that today’s truth may or may not be true tomorrow, and they do not seem to remember what was said to them yesterday. They are truly the unthinking mob of lemmings, just going with the flow.

There is the god of education, the god of politics, the god of finance, the god of sex, and on and on, each demanding the tribute and consent of the democratic-commune-mob.

The objective laws of God have been cast aside and replaced with the subjective ever changing whims of the mob. This is why we have no more room in our classrooms and public places for the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are too rigid and unbending to fit into the ever changing morality of the mob. To serve only one true God is too monotonous for the mob. To obey God is too difficult so the mob must find different gods - more in conformity with the whims of the mob so that the mob does not have to obey because the new god says that their whims are now the commandment.

We now have abortion, divorce, broken families, etc. These gods (idols) are constantly trying to show us an easier path to immediate happiness and gratification. We are too often seduced by their suggestions. And we seldom can see further than the immediate gratification and/or happiness that is held out before us. If we would only step out of the mob commune and look at things objectively rather than subjectively then we could see that what is presented as the means to happiness and gratification is only an illusion. The temporary pleasures of this world often give rise to the greatest suffering and misery later on in life, but perhaps even worse it leads to an eternal suffering and misery in the commune of Hell.

The atheistic, self-centered, relativistic, mob mentality has authorized divorce under the guise that it will permit people to pursue a happier life and thus escape from suffering and misery. The poor souls involved cannot see beyond their very noses and therefore cannot see the long term consequences of this evil. The idol god of divorce teaches us that god wants us to be happy and if we are not happy then we should move on to find someone who will make us happy. The self-centeredness mentality cannot allow us to see that, if this person cannot make us happy then most likely that person cannot make us happy either.

Perhaps St. Augustine says it best when he says that our hearts are always restless (unhappy) until they rest in God. There is no person in the entire world that has it in his power to render another person happy. True happiness only comes from God and is only enjoyed by those who love Him. All the temporary happiness that people experience is more like the intoxication of the alcoholic than it is true happiness. The moment that the intoxication wears off the happiness disappears and is replaced by sadness and remorse.

This idol of divorce carries in its train a whole host of fellow idols that must be served once tribute has been paid to him. With divorce comes broken homes and single parents abandoned children, poverty and great suffering. This is obvious to anyone who is objective enough to see it. The problem is that these demons are self-centered and cannot see outside of themselves.

With the idol of divorce comes the idol of “free” sex, i.e. sexual gratification of the passions without any responsibility or consequences. This is patently against the express will and law of God – but, even for those who choose not to hear God, then the very law of nature shows how unnatural this is. It carries with it a whole host of sadness and misery – unwanted pregnancies, shame, remorse, despair, disgust, and innumerable diseases and destruction. We can only see a very small part of the evil that this idol brings in its train. All too many people are physically and/or emotionally barren today because of the abuse their bodies endured in the service of this idol of “free” sex. Instead of recognizing these evils and denouncing this idol god of lust the mob sets out trying to keep the immediate gratification and eliminate some of the “inconveniences” that nature has imposed as the price of abusing her. So we now have “sex education” which amounts to nothing more than sex deception. Next we have “the pill” to disrupt and damage (sometimes permanently) the natural physical processes in a woman’s body to prevent her from conceiving. Then we have “protection” through prophylactics to prevent us from spreading some of these physical diseases, and the promotion of self-abuse or mutual masturbation so that everyone can enjoy not only “free” but also “safe” sex. But, what this idol will not tell us or give us the ability to see is that there is still the emotional and psychological destruction that is taking place and this is often more painful and damaging than the physical.

When this idol demon of sexual gratification has failed in the frustration of the design of God and nature and there is a child conceived, then there arises another idol demon god of murder (abortion). This idol demon god of abortion promises us the happiness of not having to bear a child for nine months and then be forced to care for this child until it reaches adulthood. We can thus avoid much embarrassment and shame. What this demon idol god does not tell us is that this is murder and a deliberate abuse of the mother’s body. The mother’s body was designed to conceive and carry this child, and in executing this murder all too often there is permanent damage to the mother herself both physically and more importantly spiritually and emotionally. She is often thus punished by nature by being made barren and unable to carry a child even when she might want one.

Has no one ever stopped to wonder why we spend so much money these days on research and medicine in trying to conceive children? What is the reason for this? None of God’s other creatures appear to have a problem in reproducing themselves, but we have countless barren couples. Perhaps it is due to the abuse of our bodies (both physical and emotional) and to the abuse of our souls that we have inflicted on ourselves.

So what happens when the demon idol god of “free” sex fails and then the demon idol god of murder (abortion) fails and despite our best efforts a child is conceived? Very often this poor soul due to the evil idols that his parents served comes into this world greatly handicapped with both physical and spiritual problems. Remember that the children will inherit the sins of their fathers to the third and fourth generations. Just a short look at the physical difficulties facing so many of our children today should be enough to awaken us to the folly of following the demon idol gods of self-love and atheistic demonocracy. Why the increase of: allergies; attention deficit disorder; hyperactivity; depression; anxiety; anger and rage; murders; suicides; and a host of other evils in our children? We have never had so many problems with the youth. Nor have we ever had so many abuses of the bodies and souls of the parents of children either.

This atheistic “democracy” (formally called “communism”) transforms itself into polytheistic “democracy” and thus feeds upon itself leading the people from one self-centered mob-mentality idol demon god to the next: from the god of self-love, to the god of divorce, to the god of self-gratification and self-abuse to the god of murder, and back to the god of self-love. Each demon carries a host of other evils in its train and systematically leads to the next demon. And for those who are spared following these demons there are the other demons that were mentioned earlier: the demons of bread and circus (food and entertainment – sports), or the demons of politics, education, money, science, health, etc.

The demons often fight among themselves but, they are untied in one thing: These demons cannot stand the thought of someone loving God with his whole heart mind and soul – even more than he loves himself. The demons cannot stand this because this brings true happiness and pleasure to souls and since they are never to know this happiness again they cannot stand seeing anyone else enjoy it.

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