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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Holy Family Sermon (dss) mode

Link to: The Holy Family Sermon

Hello everyone. Please bear with me while I figure out what I am doing with these audio sermons. I have a new voice recorder that has three levels of quality. The HQ mode records files in (wma) format; the SP mode records files in (dss) format; and the LP mode records in (dss) format.

My first posts were in HQ format but the files size seemed rather large and I could not convert it to mp3 or wav with the software that was bundled with it. The software does allow me to convert from dss to wav format but I discovered that that increases the files size by about three times.

The smallest file size seems to be LP (dss) mode, but I am not sure if the quality of sound is sufficient.

This sermon is in SP (dss) mode and it appears to be 1,158 kb. I hope to record this Sunday in the LP (dss) mode just to see the file size and sound quality.

For those who need a player for the dss files, Pucherito was kind enough to post this for the last sermon. (Thank you Pucherito).

" pucherito said...

just go to this website:
on the left hand side you'll see "DSS Player Lite", click on it and and scroll doen the page. you'll see " download DSS player lite free". click that. when the page gets settled, you'll see the "Dssl211E.exe" on the bottom of the page. click that and the downloading will begin. you might need to turn off a pop-up blocker if you have one. hope this helped. "

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Jane Valois said...

Once again I enjoyed another wonderful sermon. Thank you. As for the sound. It isn't as clear as it was under the other format, but I had no difficulty understanding what was said. I didn't really miss the psychadelic visual either.