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Friday, August 03, 2007

Ratzinger's "Mass Revival"

I greatly dislike having to spend time dealing with the Novus Ordo as its errors seems obvious enough to me. Though I care for the souls that are being misled by so many false clergy, it seems that those who have the grace of God do not need to be told about the necessity of avoiding heretics. I spend very little if any time studying, speaking or writing on the teachings of the Anglicans, the Methodists, the Baptists, the Mormons, the Hindus, the Buddhists, etc. They are not Catholic and though they may speak truths from time to time it has been the practice of the Church to discourage Catholics from listening to them because of the errors that are mixed in with the truth. Just as a drop of poison is enough to contaminate gallons of good water, so it only takes a drop of error to poison all the truth that may be spoken. For those who are principally concerned about saving their souls they are best advised not to have anything to do with pagans, heretics, and schismatics. Once it has been determined that the Novus Ordo is a Protestant, heretical new religion this places the entire organization including Ratzinger (alias Benedict XVI) in the same realm as the others.

It would be an endless task to sort through all the teachings and dealings of these religions to point out what is true and what is false. We must remember that to deny one doctrine of the Catholic faith or to espouse one error that has been condemned by the Catholic Church is the same as denying all the doctrines of The Faith. For to call into question one doctrine is to call the Church a liar and to say that She is not guided and protected by the Holy Ghost. And then logically it is to call God Himself a liar because He instructed us in this lie through His Church.

Having said this, I am compelled for the benefit of many who are still weak in the Faith or perhaps for those who must argue against these errors for the greater honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls, to make a few observations.

Many are wondering about the “revival of the Latin Mass” that “Pope Benedict XVI” has apparently allowed once again.

“In a document titled Summorum Pontificum, issued July 7, the Pope has instructed bishops to make the Tridentine Mass freely available in any parish that desires to have it.” (Edward Pentin, “National Catholic Register” July 15, 2007) This is supposed to come into effect on Sept. 14. At present the bishops can refuse anyone the right to have the Latin Mass, but in September anyone will have the right to use the Latin Mass without further permission. It is called the “extraordinary form”. The “ordinary form” is that of the 1970 Novus Ordo of “Pope Paul VI”.

Mr. Pentin says that, “A large part of that striving for unity includes reconciliation with the Society of St. Pius X. The society has long pushed for liberalization of the old Mass. Its four bishops remain excommunicated for being consecrated without permission from Rome.”

In an article by Father Raymond J De Souza in the same issue of the “National Catholic Register” , it is stated that: “Pope Benedict XVI’s decree to allow wider celebration of the Mass according to the 1962 Missal of Blessed John XXII has a twofold purpose. Its primary and explicit purpose is to advance the cause of unity with traditionalist Catholics who have gone into schism – for example, members of the Society of St. Pius X, founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Its second and implicit purpose is to foster the renewal of the liturgy for the Church as a whole.”

Some questions arise: “Is Ratzinger moving in the right direction?” “Is this good?” “What are we to think about all this?”

The Tridentine Mass was established in accordance with the council of Trent by Pope St. Pius V in the bull Quo Primum (1570). It was well researched and documented, and was the codified and restored rite of the Mass. The Quo Primum is a document that every Catholic concerned with the True Faith must read. In it the Tridentine Mass is established for all time and it is clearly stated that no one may ever forbid its use.

Thus if Ratzinger were a true pope he would not have to give permission for something that permission was already given for. There is no need for an indult because there is no need for a permission to have what we already have permission for.

Once we realize that the Novus Ordo is a new Protestant religion then it begins to fit together. The Novus Ordo Mass means New Order Mass it is not the same as the old. It is a new order and therefore a new manifestation of beliefs which obviously is or leads to new beliefs which are opposed to the old ones. The false “Vatican II council” established a new religion which quietly suppressed the old religion and all that went with it. All the sacramental rites were modified to the degree that they no longer retained even the semblance of the essential form. Therefore they were/are invalid.

So to see Ratzinger paying lip service to the Tridentine Mass gives a false hope to many who are still ignorant of the truth.

Since the implementation of the new rite of “ordination” in 1968 in the Novus Ordo, there has not been a true priest ordained in that new religion. At this time, 2007, it makes little difference what ritual the Novus Ordo uses. Because they do not have true priests they still do not have a true Mass. So the true Mass theoretically, could only be validly offered in the Novus Ordo by a priest who was ordained prior to the new rite of ordination in 1968. If a priest is ordained at the earliest at 25 years old (cannon law) that means that he would have to be about 65 years old or older now. He is close to if not already retired. So, there will be little or no chance of there really being a true Tridentine Mass for anyone. Likewise there are few if any who would even know how to perform the rubrics for the Tridentine Mass.

What about the Lefebvre sect? I see the Lefebvre sect as a decoy employed by Satan. Lefebvre’s priesthood and episcopacy are doubtfully valid. This leaves all those spawned by Lefebvre as doubtful clerics also, but with all the window dressing to attract the superficial. The Satanic goal as I see it is to catch those who might have escaped from the deceptions of the Satanic Novus Ordo takeover and lead them right back in through the back door.

Thus we have the overtures of union between these two sects who are only apparently at odds with each other, but are secretly working toward the same Satanic goal of a Satanic New Order Religion that is devoid of the true Sacraments and Grace that Christ has given us.


Aristotle said...

When you write that the Novus Ordo is an "heretical" rite of Mass, what do you mean? I can easily grant you that it is the sort of Mass that is ambiguous and that could lead to heresy by its many defects, but I don't see any positive heresy in it.

Could you point these out to me?

I find it hard to believe that one who claims to be traditional could have such a negative view of the Pope's recent action, which has been praised even by the Society of Saint Pius X and was asked for by the great giant of traditional resistance, Marcel Lefebvre.

Aristotle said...

By the way, your comments about Archbishop Lefebvre are absolutely ridiculous. Lefebvre was consecrated, as is the traditional practice, by three co-consecrators. If one happened to be a Freemason as some claim, there were two others. This traditional practice is in place for the very purpose of removing doubt. Apparently you think the traditional practice of the Church to be insufficient while at the same time claiming to be a traditional bishop yourself.

Who consecrated you? Where are the pictures? How do we know you are even a Bishop? Where do you get off attacking Lefebvre and then spouting out a bunch of nonsense that is theologically indefensible except to a high schooler.

I'd welcome a discussion with you on these issues and we'll see if your claims hold water.

Philangelus said...

Thank you for further clarification on these matters. My entire family is
wrapped up in the Novus Ordo church. I am constantly on guard against my family members. They try to "catch" me in something that I'm not too familiar with or don't have an immediate response for. it is disheartening for sure. May God bless and protect the Order of Friars Minor.

Brother Robert TOFM

Philangelus said...

Many thanks to the Friars. Every once in a while I still need a "refresher" passage from these great soldiers of Christ. As true Catholics we need to defend the Faith against prideful arrogance and those who are mislead and naive. May God bless and preserve
the Order of Friars Minor.

Brother Robert TOFM

Franciscan Friars said...


If you truly wish to learn about the defects of Lefebvre and his sect you need to do some research. There was only one man, a Freemason who "ordained" Lefebvre to the priesthood. If his "priesthood" is invalid so must his episcopacy. Read this article: http://friarsminor.org/xxii2-11.html

If you wish pictures of my consecration you may see a few here:
http://friarsminor.org/pdf/26-01 09-05seraph.pdf

Franciscan Friars said...


Consider the difference between
"many" and "all" in the Consecration. Is this not a direct change and denial of Christ's very words and intention?

Or consider the words "Mystery of Faith" what do these words apply to? In the Catholic Mass it is obvious that they refer to Christ's true presence on the altar. The Novus Ordo service applies them to the death, resurrection, and Christ's return. Which is the true teaching (doctrine) of the Catholic Church?

It only takes the denial of one doctrine of the Faith to have denied them all! Here are two definitely different understandings about one very important matter.